Firefly Escape

Help the firefly escape in the pitch dark and complex maze loitered with traps and spiders.

Firefly Escape is a puzzle game featuring a firefly trying to escape a complex maze. However the escape is going to happen in pitch darkness and to make the game even more challenging spiders and traps also loiters the map.

The hero of this game is a firefly who rely solely on the light he can produce. Your task is to help the firefly navigate through the very dark maze or labyrinth and look for the exit door. While you are trying to find your way out, watch over the spiders that may come out of nowhere and start chasing you. You should also be careful not to activate any traps that may start bursting flames.

The maze sizes vary depending on your current level but the darkness of the map remains constant. The boxes that you think will help you identify your current location, changes its appearance each time you enter or restart the level, some of them are also disguised as traps.

The game will challenge your ability to remember and solve scenarios to complete a level. You will also build a strategy on how to spend your energy to avoid starting over and over.



* Twenty extremely challenging mazes!
* Two easy controls namely virtual joystick and tilt (accelerometer)!
* Satisfying puzzle-like scenarios!
* Free to download
* Frustrating but addicting gameplay!


* Most low-level maps have multiple exits so look for the exit that gave most energy.
* Blue exit gives 4 energy, green will give 3, and brown will give you 2.
* Letting the enemy chase you can actually help solve the puzzle.

Demo Video