Edge Of The World

Edge Of The World is a mini-game inspired by flat-earthers and conspiracy theories. This game also served as my entry for July, as part of my 2019 self-challenge of one game per month.

Into The Hoop

Into the Hoop is a mini-game that I made within 24 hours as an entry for my own monthly game challenge.


ShuriBlitz is my entry for the first simmer jam that happened on May 3-5, 2019. The theme was “minimalism” with an emphasis on using just two colors or shades.

Goose Wayne

Goose Wayne is my entry for Goose Wayne Batman's green screen challenge on Feb 22, 2019. He was looking for an editor, but I thought maybe he would like to have a sidekick with game development skills. Thus, the game Goose Wayne is born.