Money Order

Money Order is my entry for simmer jam 2, which happened on November 8-10, 2019. The theme of the jam was "Money," so I made a game that challenges the player's ability to memorize items in a specific order. In the game, you control a coin and use your self to acquire an item.


Nada is my entry for Ludum Dare 45, with a theme of "Start with nothing​," I center the game around a bee too lazy to do his job, that the flowers are throwing themselves towards him. 

Youngin Protector

Youngin Protector is a mini-game that I made for the month of September as part of my 2019 self-challenge of one game per month. In this game, I decided to use Unity 2019.3, which at the time of writing was still in beta. I experimented with a few new features, like URP and its 2D lighting and post-processing.

Taylor In Illusion

Taylor In Illusion is my entry for community game jam that happened on August 25-31, 2019. The game follows the theme of the jam, “The Game Is A Liar.” 

Edge Of The World

Edge Of The World is a mini-game inspired by flat-earthers and conspiracy theories. This game also served as my entry for July, as part of my 2019 self-challenge of one game per month.