Croben TambourineSSS Game

TambourineSSS is a Snake-like game, with a skin base on PewDiePie’s tambourine meme. In the game, you will control a tambourine instead of a snake and eat glue instead of an apple. I also added one extra feature, where you must dodge or destroy melons.

TambourineSSS does not require any installation since it is playable on both mobile and desktop browsers. This game is also free, so you can try and play it to your heart’s content.

NOTICE: For the best experience on mobile device, please do not use any lite browser or disable lite mode on your browser settings.

How To Play

Guide the tambourine towards the glue to grow and gain points. You can also attain additional points if you successfully crash the melon into the tambourine’s body. 

The game will end once there is no more space left on the map. Or if the tambourine’s front or side face crashes on a melon or it’s own body.


Move Up: W or Up Arrow Key
Move Down: S or Down Arrow Key
Move Left: A or Left Arrow Key
Move Right: D or Right Arrow Key

Move Up: Swipe Up
Move Down: Swipe Down
Move Left: Swipe Left
Move Right: Swipe Right


Inkscape Studio

Sound Effects


Soul Brother by Bruno E.

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