After Halt (Browser)

After the release of After Halt Mobile, I made a choice to release a browser version of the game. The differences of this version compare to the earlier, is the controls and the UI, which focuses on a keyboard instead of touch inputs.

After Halt is a cute anime style action game, that focuses on its weird and fun magic system.

The setting is a magical world where magic is common, but instead of those cool looking spells that you see on movies and other games, you end up conjuring something and throwing it at your opponent. Stuff like chairs, tables, crates, and trees are just a few of spells that you can cast and throw at the enemies.

Your goal is to colonize the new-found land of A4B8. However, the inhabitants of this land do not like the idea, and a war broke out. Now you must fulfill your sworn duty and exterminate the original settlers. 


Demo Video