Youngin Protector

Youngin Protector - Mini Game By Croben

Youngin Protector is a mini-game that I made for the month of September as part of my 2019 self-challenge of one game per month. In this game, I decided to use Unity 2019.3, which at the time of writing was still in beta. I experimented with a few new features, like URP and its 2D lighting and post-processing.

I am very happy with the result, and I learn a lot from making this game. However, I want to add some more features, but due to time constraints, I decided to settle with this version, and save the other stuff for next month.

NOTICE: This game is playable on laptop or desktop computers. If the game failed to load please refresh this page.


How To Play

Defend the youngins against the never-ending wave of vicious monsters. Move around, dash or jump, then attack the enemy to gain points.


Movement:  A/Left Arrow Key or D/Right Arrow Key
Jump: Space Bar
Dash: Press a movement key twice
Attack: Mouse Left Click 


Inkscape Studio
Visual Studio Community

BGM By TeknoAXE 

TeknoAXE'sRoyalty Free Music #3 (Shadow Nights: Mod 1)
TeknoAXE'sRoyalty Free Music - Botched Suspense Song

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